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14 Feb
1:00 pm
Ends at 6:00 pm

Year 7 Activity Afternoon/Swim and Gym/BBQ

Pool, PDHPE, Main Oval

The Year 7 Activity Afternoon/BBQ will be held after school on Friday 14 February.


Students will spend the afternoon participating in team and group activities as well completing a swimming trial. There will be NO racing. This is an opportunity for the Head of Sport to ensure all students are water-safe and for the Swimming Captains to obtain individual times for selection into House teams for the Swimming Carnival on Wednesday 4 March.


At about 5:00pm, we will be serving our gourmet hamburgers and a drink at the barbecue located at the Main Oval, and we hope that family members will be able to join us. The event will finish at 6:00pm.


Students are expected to attend the Year 7 Activity Afternoon and Barbecue. Please use the link, book burgers for your son/daughter and any other family members (parents, siblings, etc) who will be attending.