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28 Nov
6:30 pm
Ends at 8:30 pm

Year 6 Exhibition

Tim Murray Theatre & The Snow Centre

When: Thursday 28 November, immediately following the Year 6 Leavers’ Service

Where: Tim Murray Theatre in the CGS Performing Arts Centre, and The Snow Centre

What to wear: For the performance, all students are to wear a plain black T-shirt, plain black pants or leggings. Footwear will be bare feet.

The Year 6 Exhibition is a culmination experience for students to share their learning with the whole community and exhibit elements of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) – the Learner Profile, International Mindedness, Concepts, Action and Agency. Students have been exploring the Central Idea that “sense of self is influenced by life experiences” throughout this year, exploring how people enact positive change across all of the six Transdisciplinary Themes.


For more information regarding the Year 6 Exhibition please click on the link:Exhibition Letter.