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13 Nov
9:15 am
Ends at 2:00 pm

Year 2 Landmarks and Memorials Excursion


What: Year 2 classes will spend the day visiting landmarks and memorials around Canberra. This will allow students to see locations learned about in the Unit of Inquiry.

When: Wednesday 13 November. Year 2 classes will travel around Canberra on busses and will meet together for lunch at Regatta Point.

What to bring: Children will need to bring all their food and drink for the day, as this is a full-day excursion.

What to wear: Full PE uniform, including hat. Staff will have plenty of sunscreen to reapply during the day.

Parent helpers: We will need the help of parents for the excursion. If you are available to come along for the day and have a current Working With Vulnerable People card, please let your child’s teacher know.