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16 May
7:00 pm
Ends at 10:00 pm

Year 12 Academic Conference

The Snow Centre

Dear Parents

Year 12 Academic Conference

The School welcomes you to the Year 12 Academic Conference evening.

The details for this evening are:

on Thursday 16 May 2019

beginning at 6:00pm and concluding at 9.00pm –
please check schedule for exact times

to be held in the Snow Centre

all Year 12 teachers as well as Heads of Student Houses will be present

students (in school uniform) should attend with their parents

refreshments will be served in the foyer area of the Snow Centre.

A key focus of this evening is to provide you and your son or daughter with a fair and honest assessment of how he/she is progressing in Year 12.

Appointment schedules will be available on CGS Connect shortly. 
All appointments are for five minutes. As far as possible, we have tried to group interviews together to avoid a lengthy evening for you. It is very important for the smooth functioning of the evening that interview times are strictly observed, both
the beginning and the end. Please remember to bring the appointments schedule with you.

Our directions to staff are to keep to their schedule, so please understand when you are late for an appointment that the teacher may need to ask you
to return at a later time in the evening when he/she is free. It may mean a subsequent phone call to the teacher the following day.

If you are unable to be present on the evening, I would appreciate hearing from you. Please contact the Academic Office, Mrs Lee Miller via email

We look forward to welcoming you on 16 May during your allotted interview times.