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17 Feb
All Day
Ends at 11:59 pm

Swimming trials, Years 3 to 6.

Senior school pool

Session 3: 6 Boyd

Session 4: 6 Carr


Please bring swimmers, towel, goggles, plastic bag for wet clothes.

Swimming Trials


CGS Swimming trials provide students with the opportunity to swim four varieties of strokes: Breaststroke, Backstroke, Freestyle and Butterfly.

In term 4 Students are trialled in Years 3, 4 and 5, Year 2 are also provided with swimming exploration sessions in order to prepare them for trials in the new year. In term 1 students in year 3 are trialled (including any new students).

*This year (2020), due to human error, trial sheets were lost, and some years were asked to trial again.

Students are timed during the trials so that PE staff can arrange heats for the Swimming Carnival event in term 1. This allows for students to swim against students who are of similar skill ability and ensures a fair, competitive race amongst peers on the day.

There is no pressure for students who are anxious or non-swimmers to trial, it is purely for students who wish to compete or have a go at trying to participate in the Swimming Carnival. 

There are many students who do not participate during these trials – it is not an experience where students feel pressured or forced to commit as there is no requirement for them to do so if it puts them in discomfort. Many students who do not choose to trial help encourage students who are participating. PE Teachers accommodate non-swimming students with small jobs; whether it is to assist with noodles along the side of the pool to support those in the end lanes, provide help with caps and goggles and/or assisting the timers; students are made to feel comfortable during the experience regardless of whether they choose to participate or not.

If your child is still learning to swim or is a non-swimmer, we encourage you to communicate this to your PE Teacher before swimming trials commence; it is encouraged that students who are in this category do not participate in trials.  

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Primary Sport and PE – Sam McShane