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29 Nov
6:30 pm
Ends at 8:00 pm

Northside Christmas Concert

Tim Murray Theatre, PAC

Performance: Students will be performing “Are We Nearly There Yet?” on Friday 29 November.

Where: Tim Murray Theatre, Performing Arts Centre, CGS Red Hill

What time: Year 2 students are to be dropped off at the stage door at 5:30pm and all other performers at 5:45pm, prior to the show commencing at 6:30pm.

Tickets: Due to space restrictions, it is necessary for us to limit tickets. Two tickets per family will be allocated for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Year 1 families, and four tickets per family for Year 2 students. Children who are performing do not need their own ticket.

Please contact Mrs Gavin at Northside Reception for all ticket enquiries, or 02 6247 7707, and advise if you require the full allocation of tickets. If your family requires more than this, please speak with Mrs Gavin or Mrs Thompson. There will be a wait list for any extra tickets that may become available.

Food and drink: Light refreshments will be available for families before the show. Please ensure students involved in the performance have had an early dinner before the concert.

Additional information: Some families have requested to pick up their children from the Northside Campus at 1:00pm on the day of the Christmas Concert. If work commitments allow, this can be a good way to ensure children are not too tired for the evening performance. If you are intending on picking up your child or children early on this day, please send an email to their teacher and advise Vi-VienKhong-Huynh from CGSCare if your child usually attends After School Care.