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19 Aug
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Northside Book Week Parade


Northside is celebrating Book Week on Monday 19 August with the Book Character Parade scheduled for 9.15am on this day. This year’s theme is “Reading is my secret power”. The children have been reading the nominated
books with Miss Kesby in their library sessions and she is hoping that families will be creative in their costuming.


Parents and friends are invited to watch the Parade. Please encourage your child to dress up as their favourite character from a book and carry a copy of the book with them. If parents would like some ideas for costumes, have a chat with
your child’s teacher or the librarian. The children’s costumes need to be warm and safe to learn in, as they will wear the costume for the day. We ask that children not come dressed as super heroes and please do not include weapons (guns, swords etc.) as part
of a costume.


The Northside Book Fair will also be held in Book Week. Families are encouraged to purchase a book to donate to the School Library. This Book Fair in Book Week, has a long tradition at
Northside, and is in part, responsible for the wonderful collection of books held by our Library. Children who donate a book are allowed to be the first to borrow this new addition to the Library. A plaque identifying the donation
will be placed in the front of each new book.