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22 Nov
6:30 pm
Ends at 8:00 pm

Southside Christmas Concert – KB, 1D & 2J

Tim Murray Theatre,PAC

Tickets: Please email Mrs Brassington by Friday 8 November with the number of tickets you There will be an initial three-ticket allowance for each family. If you require more than three, please indicate this in your email and she will allocate these on a first-come, first-served basis following the closing date.

Performance: Students will be performing “Are We Nearly There Yet?”

What time: Children are to be dropped off at the stage door at 6:00pm, prior to the show commencing at 6:30pm.

What to wear: Your child’s costume will be provided by the School. Children should wear neat casual clothing that can be easily taken on and off. Please ensure shoes are clearly named, as children will be performing in bare feet. Girls’ hair should be worn down.


Light refreshments will be available for families before the show.