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3 May
Ends May 4 at 7:30 am

Hay House & Middleton House Sleep Out


Hay Middleton St Vinnies Sleepout

Students will be arriving at 6pm and engage in a range of activities led by Year 10 seniors, followed by dinner at 7:30pm of Cup Soup. At 8pm presentation from a Vinnies representative about what they do to
assist the homeless and where the money raised will go, and activities around homelessness. This is followed by a movie for the students to enjoy in the quad. At 10:30pm lights will go out, and students will rug up in sleeping bags for the night. Staff will
be up during the night to assist the students with any needs. At 6 am students will be woken, given the opportunity to have a BBQ breaky, before being picked up by parents no later than 7.30 am.