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31 Mar
Ends at 8:30 pm

Garnsey House Jamberoo Day


Garnsey House Jamberoo Trip

Cost: The cost for the day is approx. $95. This includes:

  • Transport to and from Jamberoo (Murrays)
  • Lunch

This cost will be charged directly to your account. (Costing has been calculated on a full bus so if a student withdraws they will be charged if they cannot find a replacement.)

Please note that students should bring some extra money for a quick stop at McDonald’s, Sutton Forrest on the way back.



The following items are essential:

  • Sun hat and sun screen
  • Change of clothes for the return trip
  • Snacks
  • Swimmers and towel


CGS staff members will accompany the trip and be at Jamberoo Action Park during the day.