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6 Dec
All Day
Ends at 11:59 pm

Northside Culmination Day


The last day for Northside in 2019 is Friday 6 December – CULMINATION DAY. All children should wear their PE uniforms on this day, with Year 2 substituting their special Concert t-shirts.

To celebrate the end of the year, all children from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 are asked to bring a plate of food to share. This year Pre-Kindergarten and Year 1 children are asked to bring a plate of sweet food (fresh and dried fruit, cakes, fairy bread and biscuits, etc.) and Kindergarten to Year 2 are asked to bring savoury food (small sandwiches, mini quiches, sausage rolls, cheese and biscuits, etc.).

Please remember that we have children with nut allergies. Sending party food on a disposable platter saves the worry of your child bringing home a container or china plate.