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20 Aug
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ELC/Southside Book Week Parade


Book week is a fantastic opportunity for your child to celebrate their favourite characters from their favourite books by dressing up. Book Week 2019, runs from August 17-23, and this year asks students to embrace the theme “READING IS

The Southside Book Parade will take place on Tuesday 20 August at 9:15am on the Southside Back Terrace. At the completion of the Parade, parents are invited back to their child’s classroom to read a book with them.

We understand some students enjoy dressing as superheroes and may own books with superhero characters; however, we would like to discourage dressing as a superhero for this occasion. In the library, students have been reading an acrostic
poem created by Mrs Kesby exploring this year’s theme. Some of these ideas could be a springboard for dress up ideas.

Some other ideas may include:

1. Think about a real secret power you have – for example speaking different languages, music, sport, making something or building something – how would you use dress ups to show this?

2. Think about an imaginary secret power you wish you had – invisibility, flying, living underwater, understanding animals, turning purple when you’re happy – the options for imagination and creativity
in dressing up are endless!

3. Choose a character from a favourite story who has a secret power, such as Possum Magic, Harry Potter, Treehouse Series, The Magic Faraway Tree, Where the Wild Things Are, Dr Seuss, The
Gruffalo, Matilda, The Hobbit, Charlotte’s Web, Zac Power, or