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21 Oct
3:30 pm
Ends at 5:00 pm

CGS Care Northside Bush School

Mt Ainslie Nature Reserve

At CGS Care we believe that nature pedagogy is fundamental to the holistic development and wellbeing of the child. Nature pedagogy is about using nature as the third educator, encouraging child lead learning, risk-taking and collaborative investigations. Our bush school programme fosters an authentic connection between the child, the land, and the Indigenous community

Each fortnight we will take a group of children who would like to participate in the program on a bush walk to Mount Ainslie. The children will have an opportunity to explore the natural environment with their peers and buddies.

We anticipate that we will leave the school at 3.30pm and return by 5.00pm. Any children not participating in the regular walks will be supervised on campus until the group returns.

Children are encouraged to wear long pants, long sleeve shirts and fully enclosed walking shoes.

If you would like to join us on a bush walk please contact Tanya Alcorn or Kate Watson on 6260 9656 or