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16 Jun
8:30 am
Ends at 2:20 pm

Athletics Carnival: Years 3 to 6

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Track & Field - Bruce

8:30 am for selected students  who will be running the 800m sprint at the Athletics Carnival, Parents are required to drop off their child from 8:30 am for the marshalling of the 800m Sprint as this event takes place before the buses arrive at the AIS.

Time: 9:30am – 2:20pm

All students and staff in Years 3-6 will be escorted to the AIS arena via bus transport from the school at 9:00 am. Teachers will have first aid kits and class rolls, and will

supervise students on the bus. The bus will be taking all Primary students back to school at 2:20 pm.

Students will participate in all events throughout the day in their age groups.

We are looking forward to a fantastic sporting event led with House spirit and friendly competition. I encourage all students to do their very best, for themselves and their

respective Houses. Parents are welcome to attend the event and cheer for their children as they rotate to each station throughout the day. The students will be wearing coloured bands representing their age and group (A,B,C) for the day.

Staff coordinating: Sam McShane